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A break from fundraising for a bit of fun

A long long time ago a big man from a little Rotary Club in the Hope Valley asked a bearded man from their mother Club in Bakewell: "We are 22 years old, can we play outside one night?" 

"Of course you can little big Andrew," said the big man called Richard, " but we'd better look after you when you go out as we are a big old club, and you are a little young club. However, you do seem to be growing up very quickly."   

And that was when the very first of the Peak Area Rotary inter-club boules matches started - on a sunny evening at The Derwentwater Arms, Calver, on Friday 16th August 2013.

The idea was conceived by Rotarian Brian Knox, who'd moved up from the West Country, where Rotary Clubs regularly play each other in friendly matches of skittles. Brian knew that there aren't many skittle courts in Derbyshire. But there are some pubs with boules courts or gravelled areas - where fellow Rotarians can meet in fun and friendship to play pétanque. Followed by drinks and a light meal.

Oh, the score! It's not important but the little team beat the big team four games to two.

And where did the little team come from?  Bakewell were living in Hope that you weren't going to ask, as sometimes (but not often) daughters can do something better than their mothers. Perhaps the two Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Drone Valley had been secretly smuggled in,  as they may have been the talent that swung the match!

Brian Knox, explaining the rules to the first of the teams:

Voici les règles de la pétanque.

Écouter très attentivement, je dirai qu'une seule fois .