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Hot August Charity Night - Freddie Mercury success

If you'd read the article written in July the various Hope and Derwent Valley Parish Magazines, you'd have known that we'd been worrying about the weather for our third annual 'Hot August Night Charity Concert' at the Grouse Inn on 10.8.13. 

The crowds seat themselves around the open stage (donated by Bradwell Packaging): champing at the bit for Joseph Lee Jackson/Freddie Mercury's first half performance

But the meteorologists   turned up trumps, as the weather was both dry & warm. 220+ revelers drifted down memory lane, captivated by vocalist Joseph Lee Jackson's talented 'tribute' to Freddie Mercury.

                               Freddie jumps up on the stage and starts to wow the crowds


Fun, food, fundraising and a fantastic atmosphere were combined into one  highly enjoyable package. Fundraising like this is a real 'win-win' event.  Dukes Barn: and other local   charities benefited from the  3,600 proceeds, whilst revellers sang, danced and ate the evening away under the stars, with Freddie/Joseph being the brightest star!

      The light starts to fade, with the dance floor in front of Joseph/Freddie starting to fill.


The sound of Queen's music sung by our 'tribute' Freddie starts to reverberate out over the moors and into the night sky. But the Grouse Inn is set in the Peak District, by Froggatt Edge, with not a neighbour for miles to overhear or view the fun. Joseph/Freddie is covered with sweat and is clearly exhausted. But he has one more act to perform before he takes his final bow: It's the Grouse Inn's Landlady  - Rotarian Sally's birthday and time for flowers. Sally and her team have put hundreds of hours into organising this enjoyable and highly successful fundraising event. So it's time for Sally to take off her Rotarian hat and start to relax for the last hour of her birthday.