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Chocolate making at Rotary Club of Hope Valley?

Our Rotary Club evenings are always a mixture of fun and fellowship. But we Valley Rotarians recently dispensed with the traditional mix of socialising over drinks and a two course meal, followed by fundraising planning and business. As the decision was made to invite a chocolatier Dave Golubows from CocoaDance to devote a chunk of the meeting to showing us how to make handmade chocolates. Thus as soon as dinner was over we moved the tables aside, hoping that the demonstration included a chance to taste Dave's wares - it did!

Dave and his partner live and work from a National Trust Farm (they aren't farmers), working from a converted barn. Dave said we that one morning they really did wake up and say to each other: "shall we make chocolate?" Dave spent 90 minutes telling us the story of cocoa/chocolate, as he prepared a range of chocolates for us to try.

"There's no large bits of machinery at our barn, just lots of hard work - and here's how we are going to mould some chocolates up for you to taste. "

"Are you listening carefully" Yes Dave - we are!

It really warmed the cockles of our hearts, on a bitingly cold January evening, as watched Dave conjure up a feast of chocolate delights, trying not to count the calories as chocolate titbits were handed around.