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Korean Rotarians trek in over the hills to Hope

A duo of South Korean Rotarians trek in over the hills to Hope Valley

Lee & Jim with Lose Hill in the background.

If you want to make a surprise entrance, try trekking over the chain of High Peak hills from Hollins Cross and Lose Hill and down the footpath from Castleton to Hope. As that's what Past President of the Rotary Club of Jinju Seonhak Lee Shin and Jim Kim did, when they dropped in on Hope Valley Rotarians Ian & Christine Ord. Lee and Jim are keen gardeners and expressed amazement at the lush green and colourful gardens to be found in the Hope Valley. 

Lee and Jim run their own businesses in South Korea, but each have bought land so that they can create English style gardens for themselves and their families when they retire. Indeed  earlier this year Lee achieved a masters degree in wild plants and flowers. Lee said that most Koreans live in apartments and haven't their own gardens. Jim explained that Korean gardens are usually quite small, with a greater emphasis being laid on the surrounding views landscape being a complementary feature of the gardens. Lee was surprised that so many English gardens have lawns, and wanted to know what we did with our lawns - Ian said 'mainly spending time mowing them'!

Jim & Lee in Hope

Jim and Lee spent the day touring the delights of Hope Valley, and finished their tour by Ladybower and Derwent dams; an appropriate place to visit as our old Rotary Banner depicted Ladybower Reservoir within its logo.

Jim and Lee at Ladybower

Lee told us about his Rotary Club and the work Rotarains carry out in their Rotary Club to assist the needy in many countries in South East Asia - having flown in many people from third world countries and paid for life saving operations. Christine and Ian were fascinated to learn about the way Rotarains in South Korea assist so many both in their own community and overseas - reinforcing that Rotary is truly an international organisation,  with similar world-wide goals.  

Lee & Jim with Hope Valley Rotarian Christine Ord by Peakshole Water in Castleton