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Donating bicycles for African schoolchildren

Background information on our bicycles for African schoolchildren project

The Rotary Club of Hope Valley


In the next 4 months we plan to send a further 100 bicycles to Africa, via Jole Rider. The paragraphs below this section gives further information. If you have an unwanted bicycle you’d like to donate to this project email Ian Ord at or phone Rotarian Ian Charles on 07831577546. It costs us £15 to send a bicycle to Africa, if you haven’t a bicycle to donate but would like to assist, a cheque (posted to Rtn Ian Ord, Orlecar Cottage, Edale Road, Hope, S33 6SF) for £5, £10 or £15, made out to ‘The Rotary Club of Hope Valley’ would be really appreciated.


Since 2006, in conjunction with Jole Rider’s ‘bikes4africa’ project ( our Rotary Club has sent 500 refurbished bicycles to Africa. But why bicycles, and why Africa?   Many African children live in remote communities, a long way from their nearest school. Without reliable, affordable, motorised transport the only way these children can get to school is to walk, often in searing heat. Having a bicycle makes a world of difference for these children, their education, their families and the community.  


The refurbished donated second-hand bikes are delivered by Jole Rider to African schools, enabling children to: get to school and arrive on time; begin the school day alert, instead of exhausted; stay for extra lessons at the end of the school day ; remain safe by travelling home from school in daylight; reach higher academic achievement.   We also know that some 13 or 14 year old children are still attending primary school, as the nearest secondary school is beyond walking distance and their families cannot afford to pay for accommodation near the secondary school. A bicycle allows these children to cycle to school and complete their education.


STOP PRESS Since raising this article in mid March, five families who have donated a bicycle have also offered to pay the £15 associated with shipping individual bicycles to Africa (via Jole Rider). Rtn Chris Collison (from the Rotary Club of Matlock) and his wife Linda have also sent us a cheque for £100.00 to assist in our efforts to ship more bicycles to Africa. Chris & Linda’s letter accompanying the cheque said : We have seen what a difference a bicycle can make in easing the difficulties young people face in undertaking their daily journey to school in African countries such as The Gambia. We wish you every success in this important project.”   Our Club members wish to convey our gratitude to those who are supporting this project by donating bicycles. We’d also like to thank all who have offered even further support to this project by making personal donations to assist in shipping these bicycles to deserving young people in Africa.