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Serious fun follows a formal presentation


RIBI President Ray Burman Presents the RIBI Club Environment award to The Rotary Club of Hope Valley. Receiving the award on behalf of the Club is President Ian Ord:

On February 16th The Rotary Club of Hope Valley and The Rotary Club of Matlock were privileged to meet Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland’s (RIBI) President Ray Burman. President Burman praised the work of Rotarians in the Peak Area, and in particular the Rotary Club of Hope Valley’s long term project ”Re-cycling 4 Africa, cycles 2 India” . Our Club started collecting bicycles for renovation and subsequent despatch to Africa & India in December 2006. Hope Valley Rotarian Ian Charles devised a means of packing the empty voids in the containers with school books and other useful items. Since December 2006 we've sent 400 bicycles to Africa and 100 to India.

In recognition of this work our Club received RIBI’s Rodney Huggins 2012 Club Environmental Award, which was formally presented by RIBI President Burman to our 2011- 2012 President Ian Ord. President Burman also spoke warmly of the combined work over recent months between the Rotary Clubs of Hope Valley and Matlock, which resulted in a further 101 bicycles being sent to schoolchildren in The Gambia, enabling children who live too far from their schools, to travel to school by bicycle.

However RIBIs ‘Club Award’ to our Club and President Burman’s recognition of the fundraising by The Rotary Club of Matlock isn’t the end, as our Club has resolved that we’ll find a further 100 bicycles before July 2012, and finance the refurbishment of these bicycles, and then their shipment to schoolchildren in Africa – which will be facilitated by Jole Rider’s Bikes4africa project.   

Hope Valley Rotarians Malcolm Dungworth, Chris Ord & Les Lennon loading bicycles

RIBI President Ray Burman, President Ian Ord & District Governor Gordon McGlone
 ride up on some donated bicycles destined to be shipped to African schoolchildren.

RIBI President Ray Burman, President Ian Ord & District Governor Gordon McGlone

start to load some cycles4africa.